Welcome to the Creative Institute for Toronto’s Young (CITY) Leaders. CITY Leaders is a leadership development institute for young people working and volunteering in Toronto's communities and the social services sector.

Offered through an 8 month period CITY Leaders provides young adults with the practical knowledge and tools to become effective leaders, navigators and connectors in Toronto's non-profit sector and communities, through theoretical education, applied learning, mentoring, online engagement and peer networking. Participants graduate with a co-certificate in leadership from United Way Toronto and University of Toronto's Faculty of Social Work.

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"We dream of a city that is vibrant. A city that is safe and inclusive. We dream of a healthy city with opportunities for all whether you live in Lawrence Heights or Cabbagetown, Leslieville or Malvern. A city where our youth achieve their ful potential, becoming leaders; positive voices in their communities."
- Frances Lankin, CEO of United Way Toronto

Who Should Apply

"CITY Leaders in the Neighbourhoods"
For young leaders in racialized communities:
"CITY Leaders in the Sector"
For young leaders: